I Have Seen “Content”

I’ve Seen Content…


Today is Saturday, the first day that we haven’t had 90 plus degree heat with 150% humidity here in RVA in a week or so.  The sun keeps hiding behind the clouds, casting a shadow over the freshly cut yard and our deck.  Coffee is that much sweeter and richer first thing in the morning when the temperature is conducive to sipping hot drinks.  I require that hit of caffeine first thing in the morning, much like my meditation, but it sure is easier to get down when the ambient temperature doesn’t exceed that in the cup.


It’s been a very rare sort of day; the most strenuous activity I’ve managed so far has been a lovely breakfast of pancakes and farmer’s market sage sausage with mixed fruit (that stuff is to die for by the way…highly urge you to seek them out at http://www.salt-pork.com/ .  You won’t regret it).  Oh, and a shower.  I did manage that.  So I was leaning on the kitchen window, watching “Bruce” chilling in the beach chair in the backyard.  I just paused to watch for a moment…bit of peaceful voyeurism for a Saturday morning. I must have heard him say a half a dozen times this morning just how much he was enjoying this…this complete and absolute lack of something that needed to be done.  The most pressing need at hand was to move the chairs from sun to shade as the sun steadily arced across the sky from morn to noon.  We both work hard, and a day of complete rest with no demands on our minds or our time or our bodies is rare.


I just watched from my window, and saw him check his phone…laughing.  Hand to the side of his face and smile.  That beautiful smile. Texts from friends wishing him well on this beautiful weekend and his vacation.  A text from one of his children telling him how much he is loved, and anxious to see him for dinner tonight.  Laughing again…most likely at a blooper reel or video of one of his favorite comedians.  I’ve rarely seen someone stop to relax so completely, let life carry on around him while he stopped his race to join its frenzy.  He put his head back for a moment, closed his eyes, and just smiled.


Content.  I have felt contentment myself, but I do believe it was the first time I’ve witnessed content outside a sleeping child’s bed.  It was truly beautiful.


I pray for more days of content.


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