What Have the Greeks Ever Done for Me?

Little bit of  quick history…(no seriously! I CAN make this quick!!)  On Facebook, as we’ve said, we are keeping the new beau’s identity quiet for now, which led me first to call him “He Who Shall Not Be Named”, which prompted the inevitable, “Kim’s dating Lord Voldemort!”  We ran with it a few days, until a friend said he preferred to think I was dating Bruce Wayne.  Much better, so the name has stuck now.  On with the story….

So I got the opportunity to introduce Bruce Wayne to Greek food tonight.  It’s only my favorite, followed by Italian and French.  Honestly, have you ever eaten food that just screamed:

SHARE! There’s a ton more where this came from! And it all has the MOST amazing flavors…and get this, it’s good for you too!  Trust us! You’ll LOVE it!  Now, have some ouzo…wash it down…. 

Well, the little spot I dragged him to tonight is a new favorite, Bell Greek, owned by George, a pastry chef extraordinaire, with baklava I would give up coffee for…it’s that good.  Ok, maybe not coffee, but Dr. Pepper.  I’d give up Dr. Pepper for it.  The service was wonderful, and Nicole, our waitress, had to be a high schooler (sorry darling if you’re older!) and was about as adorable as she could be.  He went for the roasted eggplant dip platter (eggplant dip, pita bread, fresh tomatoes, onions, olives, feta), and I went for the  slightly larger, more assorted platter with hummus, feta, tzatziki,, dolmades, spanakopita… I got enough that I knew I would need to share.  Bruce baby wasn’t getting out of there without trying a bit of the favorites!

We’re barely sitting when George greets us and brings us samples of his soup of the day, one I’ve never tried before, but seriously, next time I’m sick, ya’ll call George and have him make me a quart of it. Greek chicken soup: avgolemono.  It’s lemon and chicken and holy cow I think I’ve just died and gone to heaven.  Funny enough, when I was showing Bruce the menu online before we left, he pointed to the word and said, “I think that’s a made-up word.”  Karma baby…karma…..THEN, George had the NERVE to set a pair of mini baklava on the table.  Now, I’ve been here before, so I KNOW his baklava.  You have no idea the amount of self restraint it took to not snarf them then and there. But, this is still the “getting to know you phase”, so I behaved.  Next time, no promises on not eating the baklava before dinner. I would have to say that his intro to Greek cuisine was a success.  At least, he sure wasn’t turning down anything, and the plates looked pretty darned clean.

Apart from the good conversation, I got a little boost (who am I kidding…a BIG boost), when perky in a pleasant way Nicole came over and gushed that she loved my tan lines and that she WISHED she had tan lines because she needed her vitamin D and she just LOVED it when it was sunny and she could wait the patio tables (mental note to make certain to go back on a sunny day for coffee and baklava just so Nicole can wait on us again…).  Bruce and I cracked up.  He laughed and told Nicole that funny enough, I had just asked him before we left if I thought my goofy yoga top tan line racing stripes running up my back looked too weird in the sundress.  He obviously had the correct response.  She laughed. We laughed. She bounced off.  Dinner could not have been more relaxed and perfect.

No, ladies, you may not borrow Bruce; he may be available to give your partners lessons in being romantic though.  We’ll see.  maybe he’ll get a guest post soon.

Oh, and the website, should you be in the area, is http://www.bellgreekcuisine.com/menu.html  You can find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bellgreek  It’s worth the trip just for the baklava.